The twenty-twenties

Kenn and Cheryl Amdahl in 2022 at a windy wedding on an Oregon beach

December, 2022

A month or two ago a lady requested “Heard it Through the Grapevine.” Well, I have never played that song and it would be absurd for a very old folksinger, performing solo and acoustic, to even attempt it. So, at my gig on Christmas Eve, 2022 at the Eugene Holiday Market, I did it. It was a hoot. My son Joey was in the audience and recorded about a minute of it on his phone.

It may be the first time in my life I’ve been recorded strumming a whole song (no fingerpicking). But if that lady ever shows up at another one of my gigs, I’m covered.

I posted Joey’s video below, but Mr. Google or whoever’s in charge decided I was infringing on a copyright or something and deleted it. So you’ve missed your chance to hear that one.

I got a ukulele for Christmas in 2020, learned to play it a bit in 2021, and wrote a few songs using it. The Night We Burned the Barley is probably the best.

The Night We Burned the Barley by Kenn Amdahl

During the pandemic, I arranged the old song Got My Mojo Working, changing a few words to make it age-appropriate for me to sing:

During the pandemic, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore seemed like the perfect old song for me to learn:

Wrote The Salt Creek Line in 2021. I played it an an open stage in the Spring of 2022 and a much better musician, a blind blues singer, asked if he could do it. Finally recorded this rough draft on my computer using a click track as a metronome (so I could fool with adding percussion later). Man, it’s been a long time since I tried to play in time to a click track; it’s harder than you’d guess!

The Salt Creek Line by Kenn Amdahl

I wrote Speaking Truth to Flowers during the pandemic, after I noticed that crazy homeless guys preaching in the park to an imaginary congregation were a lot like me singing songs in my kitchen to an imaginary audience.