More Scraps (all originals)

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More Scraps (all originals)
More Scraps (all originals)
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In 2004 I borrowed a four track cassette recorder from my son Paul and determined I’d record some version of a bunch of old originals. I got out the big cardboard box containing scraps of lyrics, many that I hadn’t sung since high school and recorded them without rehearsal. Sometimes I added a second track with harmony improvised on the spot, or a bongo or a lead, but I did not invest much time in trying to get them good. I just wanted to get them down. In fact, sometimes I can hear the voice of Kenn the harmony singer heckling the Kenn who was trying to sing melody on another track.

I thought maybe someday I’d go back and use those rough drafts to help create more finished projects. But I wanted to get Paul back his recorder, so I rushed through a bunch of songs. Later in the evening of the day I recorded the last tape, I had a heart attack and the project moved to a back burner from which it has never wandered.

These are from the rough mixdown of those four tracks to two and the balance is bad. I especially should dial back the harmony or bongo where it just doesn’t work. I still have the original four track cassettes of these, and just discovered Paul still has the recorder he lent me, so maybe someday I will. For right now, it is a perfectly adequate rendition of the song itself and a great representation of my slipshod practices. In that respect, these are perfect.