Lulazick Singers

This was a group of high school kids in the mid 1960s. Kenn Amdahl, Stan Swanson, Berta Keith and Dean Reiter. Some of the time, Nancy Ogle was also a member.

I think I kept this photo in my wallet, along with one of Cheryl (my girlfriend who I later married) when I went to Minnesota to attend St. Olaf College the summer right after high school. I think my wallet had a grommet or something that left a mark over Nancy’s face. She was a very pretty girl with a great voice, but I can’t find a photo of her from that time.

Berta Keith, hidden by the microphone above, sang lead on most of our songs:

The Lulazicks were also part of a casual jug band, which we called the Front Porch Grub Band. I think we “knew” maybe three songs.