Bag o’Notes

Ann Imes, John Imes, Sharon Polhamus (now Kermiet), Kenn Amdahl

Sharon and I usually didn’t polish songs to a fine gleam or over-rehearse, we mostly just enjoyed saying hey, how about this song? If I could approximate the chords, she’d create harmony pretty much on the spot. Or, sometimes I’d sing harmony to her melody. Here’s us fooling around with City of New Orleans. I left some of our pre-song conversation on the recording because that was as much fun as the singing:

Kenn Amdahl and Sharon Polhamus sing City of New Orleans

Here’s Sharon and me fooling around with Paul Simon’s American Tune, a song that seems especially relevant in 2020:

Kenn Amdahl and Sharon Polhamus sing Paul Simon’s American Tune

I just found an old cassette of Sharon and I trying to learn the song “For Always.” I did not remember we even tried this, and I’d never done it myself. It was obviously a bad key for both of us—too low for me in parts, too high for her. We probably should have reversed our parts— and we obviously didn’t really know it yet. It was nice to remember those times.

Kenn and Sharon try For Always

As I go through old tapes, I hope to find some better recordings of this fun group of folks. I’ve started a “collection” or album of songs from Bag O’Notes HERE.