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Kenn Amdahl is an author, businessman, and musician in Eugene, Oregon. This site is devoted primarily to his music.

Information about his books is at www.ClearwaterPublishing.com.

The blog he maintained for several years (and has not completely abandoned) is at www.clearwaterpublishing.com/alembic.

Links to those sites, as well as the pages on this site, are at the top of this page under “menu.”

Kenn began creating this site in the autumn of 2020. He’s been learning the various programs needed to do that, so please excuse any goofiness. He is an old dog, and we all know about them.

Here are two videos he made in 2020. More videos are embedded in this site, as well as songs from various time periods. Thank you for visiting.

If you’re curious about the fifteen Irish songs from 1808, you can listen to them from this website in my “album” called “The Ghost of Pleasant Ned.”

Kenn Amdahl’s arrangement of Folsom Prison Blues

If you just want to sample a whole bunch of songs Kenn wrote, or arranged, or sang, or whatever, and skip the snappy patter, the songs on this site are collected into groups called “albums” which you can find here:


MUCH MORE MUSIC BY KENN This link gets you to info about Kenn and a listing of songs and videos in reverse chronological order. Same songs as “albums” just arranged differently, and also includes videos and links to videos.

KENN AMDAHL’S BOOKS This link takes you to Clearwater Publishing Company, Kenn’s little literary enterprise.