October 2018 I played a set of original songs at “The Atrium” in downtown Eugene, Oregon and recorded it.

A video of that entire gig is online on the youtube channel of Arts Journal. It includes all my snappy patter and has the “feeling” of a live show, including occasional outbursts of polite applause. It was recorded for a local public access TV station.

I paid for the rights to use that video and merged it with the audio I hired Beau Eastland to record at the gig. You can watch the videos and listen to individual songs with a little better audio by clicking the links below:

Ship’s Comin’ In
Must Have Been the Rain  
 I Was Not Told
 Holy Water
 Sing Out Loud
 Jim Donelan
 If I’m Ever Young Again   

Gypsy Woman. 

If you use Bandcamp for music, the audio of these tracks are available for free listening and download at this site: ://kennamdahl.bandcamp.com/music