On August 5, 2017, a new friend developed a conflict and couldn’t play his gig so he asked me to fill in for him at The Atrium in Eugene Oregon. The concert (it was about an hour long) was recorded for a local TV show and is now posted on the YouTube page of Arts Journal. The sound isn’t perfect– the video camera picked up the guitar louder than the voice. I had  an inflammation of the tendons of my left hand, so I let it rest by chatting between songs more than I normally would.

If you’re looking for a particular song in that video, their approximate locations are as follows

intro to kenn  00:00
Borderline (a Dave Francey song) 1:20
Must Have Been the Rain (original)
intro: 5:45
song 6:29
Thing about You  (a Tony Joe South song, arr Kenn Amdahl)
intro 9:32
song 10:45
Big Red Barns (original) 14:00
Whiskers the Catfish  (a Fred Engleberg song)
16:30 intro
20:19 song
Shady Grove  (traditional arr Kenn Amdahl) 22:30
Jim Donelan (original)
intro 25:00
song 28:23
Preacher’s Daughter (original)  33:06
Sprig 37:27  (trad. arranged Kenn Amdahl)
July You’re a Woman  (a John Stewart song)
intro: 42:40
song: 47:10
Ain’t Nobody’s Business   (I think a Josh White song) 50:40
Folsom Prison   (Johnny Cash, arr Kenn Amdahl) 53:39