This year, I played several small gigs. In April I played a very chilly outdoor gig at the Eugene Saturday Market. I wore fingerless gloves, which was a new trick for me. Despite the weather, the audience liked it, the promoters paid me, and I actually made more money in tips than in payment. Played an open stage or two, including First National Taphouse and the Alluvium (formerly a church). Played a couple of times at The Friendly Garden, which was cool. I finally got to use my little PA and it worked just fine.

Also wrote a couple more songs, or bits of songs, and finally got around to recording a crude version of my latest finished song, Salt Creek Line. I decided to use a click track (a metronome built into Garageband recording software) and realized it’s been a long time since I tried to do that. Then I added some random computer generated percussion. The whole thing is rough, but I wanted to have SOME version of the song recorded somewhere, so here it is:

Salt Creek Line, written and performed by Kenn Amdahl