Kenn in 2021

This was a productive musical year, but I haven’t documented it with videos.

I got a ukulele for Christmas in 2020, learned to play it a bit in 2021, and wrote a few songs using it. (The Night We Burned the Barley is probably the best). I played a few open stages; it was fun to congregate with other musicians again. Felt like we were doing something vaguely sinful.

In the summer, thinking the pandemic was about over, I bought a small PA and lined up a few gigs for September. Alas, the pandemic was simply fooling with me and all those gigs got cancelled. One came back in November, when I was one of three songwriters featured at a showcase at Sam Bond’s Garage. It was fun to be in front of a live audience again for three hours, and people claim I did fine.

I’ve gotten together with a couple of different musicians with the premeditated intent to commit harmony on each other. That is always a joy and I look forward to doing more of that in the near future.

I’ll try to record my most recent songs and post them here pretty soon.

Regarding COVID 19:

I believe I was an early adopter of Covid 19, way back in December of 2019. That was not fun, but it probably gave me “natural immunity”. Then in 2021, I got both doses of the Pfizer vaccine. Recently, I got my booster shot. I’m now bulletproof and not particularly worried about playing in public again. But I confess I’ve gotten used to just staying home and my natural laziness about hustling up gigs has blossomed. If you hear of a gig for a Norwegian bridge troll, I think I’m ready,